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Rental guarantee

Welcome in promises you higher returns!

Are you hesitating to switch to Welcome in? Perhaps our 'rental guarantee' will give you that extra push!

What does the rental guarantee entail?

We are so confident about our rental concept that we promise you a yield guarantee for the first year of our cooperation. We think we can achieve more gross rental turnover for you during the guarantee period than in the 12 months prior to the cooperation.
Are you not convinced after one year? Then you will get the full commission back from us. It's that simple!

For who is the rental guarantee?


  • Owners who rent out themselves, but are in need of relief and/or greater returns;
  • Owners who rent out by another letting agency, but are dissatisfied with their services or the returns already achieved.
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Rental guarantee


Not enough return? 
Then you get your commission back!


Guarantee period of 12 months


Welcome in promises you higher returns


Game rules:


Guarantee period
The guarantee period lasts for 12 months. It starts 3 months after your property goes live. The first three months are used to implement your property with tour operators and to optimise the results and ranking in search engines. The guarantee period expires automatically.

Comparison period
We use exactly the same data, one year prior to the guarantee period, for comparison purposes.

Compared turnover
The turnover to be compared is the gross rental turnover (excl. VAT).

Contract period
The initial contract period is 15 months. Are you satisfied? Then the contract continues tacitly. If you are not satisfied, you have two months' notice.

Do you rent yourself? We ask you to provide a copy of your income tax return for the same period, one year prior to the guarantee period. Does another rental organisation rent to you? Then we ask you to provide rental accounts for the same period, one year before the guarantee period.

At the end of the guarantee period, when we proceed with settlement or crediting, the above must be confirmed by means of an income tax return or annual accounts.

Settlement takes place at the end of the guarantee period. We do this once every quarter. These are 15 January, 15 April, 15 July and 15 October.

Credit amount
If we have not been able to realise the target return, you will be refunded the commission amount (excluding other costs such as monthly contributions and management fees) of the guarantee period.

Property availability
Only if your home is fully available during the guarantee period (own use is included), the rental guarantee will apply.

If a national and/or local crisis (such as corona) occurs, the guarantee scheme will lapse.


More information?

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