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Oops a ball through the window. A garden chair through which the guest sinks. Or a door that breaks. It happens to everyone. This usually does not happen expressly, but it is annoying. For you as an owner or manager, there is no need to worry about this. We take care of the management and rental of your holiday home. \ That is why Welcome in Zeeland guarantees for its guests. Based on mutual trust, we assume that we will handle reasonable damage in a reasonable manner. We have a number of starting points for this. You can read these in these regulations.

Carefree renting. We will arrange any damage for you. The collection of a deposit is not fully covered or without worries. That's why Welcome in Zeeland uses a deposit scheme.

  1. Welcome in Zeeland guarantees up to € 2,500 per booking

  2. Guests pay an additional fee.

  3. Owners do not pay anything extra.


What the process looks like:

  1. We note the damage to your holiday home. Within 48 hours after the departure of the guests we report the damage to the guest and possibly to you. This is done in writing with substantiation of photos. Possibly accompanied by a quote of the repair work. We may ask you to provide an invoice or a similar document for this.

  2. We ask the guest to acknowledge liability for the damage within five business days.

  3. Once the amount of the claim has been determined, we will recover this from the insurance of the guest. After receiving the amount, we will pay this to you.

  4. Does the guest not recognize the damage? Then we will continue to discuss the circumstances with you as the owner.

What is covered?

  1. There is only coverage for tenants of Welcome in Zeeland

  2. There is coverage for damage to buildings, household effects or items whose rent or use has been made available to tenants.

  3. The cover expires when you request a deposit or guarantee authorization from the guest.

  4. The damage up to € 2,500 if there is no insurance that provides cover for this.

  5. Damage does not include traces of use that arise during the rental of the accommodation.

What is being paid out?

  1. The guarantee is a maximum of € 2,500 per booking.

  2. Damages up to € 20 will not be processed.

  3. If the damage is higher than the stated € 2,500, we will pay a maximum of € 2,500. Payments are made according to repair value in the case of buildings or to current value in the case of household effects. At least 20% of the new value is paid out. We use the following depreciation periods for the contents:



Depreciation period


(e.g. couch, tables, chairs)

<  € 500,-

5 years


>  € 500,-

8 years

Household appliances

(e.g. washing machine, vacuum cleaner, coffee maker)

<  € 500,-

4 years


> € 500,-

5 years

Electrical devices

(e.g. television, computer, audio devices)

<  € 300,-

3 years


>  € 300,-

4 years


(e.g. bicycles, garden chair, barbecue)

<  € 500,-

3 years


>  € 500,-

4 years


(e.g. crockery, floors, curtains)

By establishing Welcome in Zeeland



The rights that we reserve:

  1. Determine the damage yourself.

  2. Determine the amount of the payment or, in special cases, deviate from the set depreciation periods.

  3. Addressing the insurance of the guest or recovering the damage from the guest.

  4. Abolish an owner or manager of the deposit scheme without giving a reason. Refuse a benefit if the abuse is suspected.

  5. To oblige the owner or manager to make a declaration in the event of vandalism.

  6. Reclaim damages already paid when there is an insurance policy that offers cover and the owner or manager is paid as beneficiary.

  7. Unilaterally change these regulations.

Do you have any questions?

For questions or comments you can ask one of our specialists.

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