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Review policy

Review policy

Our website features reviews from our guests. To counteract fake reviews on this page, we have a strict review policy:

  • We use Booking Experts' review system. This uses a closed loop system. This means that only guests who have actually stayed in our holiday homes can leave a review on the website; 
  • All reviews are listed in order from old to new;
  • Twice a year, we raffle off a weekend away among all reviewers. The content of their review does not affect the chance of winning; 
  • We do not remove negative reviews unless we can prove that the review is false or illegal; 
  • The average review score is calculated based on all reviews displayed on the website;
  • Employees of Welcome in do not write reviews of their own experiences.

And beyond...

We value the opinion of our guests. We aim for everyone to enjoy our holiday homes carefree. And where can we make it even better? That's where we make it better. That's why we keep a close eye on all reviews. Where possible, we use feedback from these reviews to further optimise the holiday experience for subsequent guests.