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Welcome to... Drachten! This is the main town of the Smallingerland municipality in Friesland. In this cozy city, you can indulge in shopping, nightlife, and enjoy art and culture. Drachten is renowned for its 24 recognized national monuments, including historic residences, various farms, and churches. Additionally, the city boasts 27 municipal monuments scattered across different streets. Are you curious about what else there is to discover? Then keep reading because we'll tell you all about it!

What to Do in Drachten?

When you're staying somewhere, you're naturally looking for enjoyable activities. Therefore, it's understandable that you're now wondering what you can do in Drachten. Here are some great options!

Haven Drachten


A visit to the Drachten harbor is definitely worthwhile. This harbor is not only home to recreational boats but also plays an active role in commercial shipping and cargo transport. Along the quays, you'll find cozy restaurants, cafes, and shops, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors who want to enjoy the view and the pleasant waterfront atmosphere.

Museum Drachten

If you want to learn more about the history of Drachten, a visit to the Museum Drachten, also known as Museum Dr8888, is recommended. Here, you can delve into art, activities, and fascinating exhibitions. The museum manages and presents the art and cultural-historical collection of both Drachten and Smallingerland, with the aim of preserving these cultural treasures for current and future generations.

De Naturij

Traveling with children? Then visit the best family park in Friesland: De Naturij! There's something for everyone to enjoy here. Children can climb and frolic to their hearts' content in the indoor play barn or outside in the extensive playground. They can learn about traffic in the traffic garden in a playful way and have fun in the refreshing splash pool on warm days. Another great addition is the mini golf course! This is one of the better miniature golf courses in our country. Several records have even been set on this course!

Fine Dining in Drachten

During your visit, you'll want to enjoy good food alongside all the activities.

De Lachende Koe

An excellent choice, for example, is De Lachende Koe, located in the heart of the city center, offering excellent value for money. It's a beloved café because of the friendly and cozy living room atmosphere that prevails there.

Restaurant De Beren

Another option in the center is Restaurant De Beren. Here, you can enjoy a delicious lunch, a pleasant drink, or an extensive dinner daily. Or, of course, a delicious piece of pastry.


For tapas lovers, there's also plenty to discover. Sit down at Nazareth Tapas & Grill, a Lebanese and Palestinian tapas restaurant that takes you on a culinary journey through the Middle East. A place to enjoy, smell, taste, and experience.

Fine Dining

Looking for something more luxurious? Then make a reservation at Restaurant Fidèle. In this Michelin restaurant, you'll experience an honest cuisine with pure flavors and products that complement and enhance each other. In short, plenty to choose from!

Renting a Vacation Home

Are you considering renting a vacation home during your stay in Drachten? At Welcome.in, you can rent a vacation home and enjoy the beautiful cities of Friesland. Whether you're looking for an accommodation in the city center or prefer something more secluded, Welcome.in's extensive selection has a vacation home that perfectly meets your expectations. Check out our wide range of vacation homes in Drachten here.

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