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Welcome to... Altastenberg! A small and charming village situated at an altitude of approximately 800 meters in the Sauerland region, about 2 kilometers northwest of the Kahler Asten. It's hard to imagine the breathtaking views you can experience from this height. Whether you're seeking tranquility or looking for active pursuits, Altastenberg has it all! You can reach all activities and amenities within just 5 minutes by car. Is your curiosity piqued? Read on, as we're excited to tell you more about the incredible opportunities that this beautiful spot in Germany has to offer.

Altastenberg Ski Area

Altastenberg boasts its own ski area with around 8 kilometers of ski slopes at the base of the Kahler Asten. Thanks to its high elevation, there's almost always a good level of snow certainty for your winter sports activities. Through Altastenberg's webcam, you can even check from home whether there's snow before setting out. How cool is that! This small and cozy village is primarily known for its much larger neighbor, Winterberg. Because the village is slightly less modern, it offers an affordable alternative to Winterberg, and it's also quieter. But don't worry, all activities and facilities are still within easy reach. In Altastenberg's skicarrousel, both beginners and advanced skiers can enjoy a variety of slopes and lifts for a versatile winter sports experience. Of course, it's also possible to rent equipment from Altastenberg's ski rental, so you don't have to bring everything yourself.

Attractions and Activities

The charming Altastenberg in the Sauerland region offers numerous attractions and activities for both nature lovers and adventurers alike. From hiking to sailing, from cycling to winter sports, there's always something happening in Altastenberg.

Hiking in Altastenberg

Not just for winter sports, the mountains in Altastenberg are also perfect for delightful hikes. Altastenberg's summer weather is ideal for a vigorous hike through the hilly landscape. Of course, you can also choose to explore the area on a bicycle. Prefer a bit more excitement? Climb to the mountain's summit and challenge yourself with natural obstacles like rock walls, ice walls, or glaciers.

Watersports in Altastenberg

Water sports enthusiasts can also indulge their passion here. There are several lakes and rivers in the vicinity where you can sail, windsurf, canoe, or go rafting. An activity suitable for both young and old! Before embarking on these activities, it's wise to consult the activity index. This index indicates whether the weather in Altastenberg is suitable for water sports on that day. Is the index high? Then you can be sure of a successful day on the water!

Hidden Gems

Additionally, discover some hidden gems of Altastenberg. For instance, take a walk on the nearly 40-meter-long suspension bridge, hanging 12 meters above a valley. In short, there's plenty to explore and experience in and around this stunning village in Germany!

Altastenberg Restaurants

After all those activities, you and your companions will surely be ready for a delightful dinner. No worries, as there are plenty of restaurants in and around Altastenberg where you can sit down and enjoy a variety of high-quality dishes. Pay a visit to Restaurant Clemens, for example, where you can expect an extensive menu and a warm family atmosphere. Here, you can enjoy an evening in the typical style of the Sauerland region without any worries. A bit further on, you'll find the Panorama Restaurant and Café. Here, you can savor a splendid view of Winterberg's mountain landscape and feel the sun on your face while relaxing on the terrace. Of course, there are various mountain restaurants on the peaks themselves where you can grab a quick bite to eat. These restaurants can also serve as starting or ending points for hikes.

Renting a Vacation Home in Altastenberg

Are you considering planning a vacation to Altastenberg and would like to rent a vacation home? At Welcome.in, you'll find a wide selection of vacation homes that perfectly match your preferences. Whether you're looking for a property in the heart of the ski area or closer to the tranquility of nature, you can explore our extensive range of vacation homes in Altastenberg here.