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Welcome to... Franeker! A historical gem in the heart of Friesland. This charming Eleven Cities town is the perfect destination for your vacation due to its modest size, rich history, and culture. You can have a great time here when the weather is nice. In contrast to some other places in Friesland, this city was granted city rights in the Middle Ages, giving it a special status. Franeker has a long tradition of knowledge and learning. Are you curious to learn even more about this unique city? Then keep reading because we'd love to tell you all about what you can do in Franeker!

Sights in Franeker

Franeker offers a mix of history, culture, shopping, and nature. Whether you're a fan of relaxation or adventure, the city has something for everyone. Here are some highlights. Eise Eisinga Planetarium (H3) The Eise Eisinga Planetarium is the world's oldest still-operating planetarium with a unique piece of scientific history. It provides a fascinating insight into the solar system and is both educational and impressive. It's definitely worth a visit, especially with young company. This museum is specially suited for children. There are also numerous other museums you can visit in Franeker, such as the Kunstkamer and Museum Martena.

Eise Eisinga Planetarium 

The Eise Eisinga Plantarium is the world's oldest working planetarium with a unique piece of science history. It gives you a fascinating insight into the solar system and is both educational and impressive. Definitely worth a visit, especially with young company. In fact, this museum is especially suitable for children. There are also plenty of other museums you can visit in Franeker, such as the Kunstkamer and Museum Martena.

Walking in Franeker

With its rich history, the city exudes character with its characteristic facades and hidden gardens. Ideal for a short walk that will leave a lasting impression. Stroll through the streets of the city center, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, and feel history come to life. It's not just a journey back in time; it's also full of modern life. During your walk, you'll come across cozy boutiques, local craft shops, and lively markets. Also, consider popping into the thrift store! Furthermore, Franeker boasts a beautiful environment with green landscapes, meandering canals, and vast lakes. Take a serene walk, a bike ride, or enjoy a relaxing boat trip here.

Oortowolk Fountain

In Franeker, you can also admire the Oortwolk Fountain, one of the 11Fountains. This fountain is a tribute to the world-famous astronomer Jan Hendrik Oort. His theory about a "cloud" of billions of comet-like objects around our solar system was a groundbreaking development in astronomy.

Dining in Franeker

In addition to all the activities, you can also enjoy delicious dining in Franeker. Let yourself be surprised by a variety of dining options.

Grand Café De Doelen: Discover Refined Taste

A well-known name is Grand Café De Doelen. Here, you can enjoy an extensive dinner including appetizer and dessert, or simply relax with a cappuccino and a piece of homemade apple pie. It's all possible!

Tradition in Taste at Hotel & Restaurant De Stadsherberg

Taste the traditional flavors of the Eleven Cities at Hotel & Restaurant De Stadsherberg. Whether it's lunch, dinner, or a cozy get-together in the conservatories by the water or on the terrace in the summer, here you can enjoy culinary delights.

Fine Dining at Poort van Franeker

For a touch of luxury, you can visit Poort van Franeker, a cozy eatery in a historic location by the Harinxmakanaal, near the Stationsbrug. Enjoy the charming ambiance while savoring delicious dishes.

Enjoy De Bikker at Home

Don't feel like dining out and prefer to stay in your vacation home? That's possible too! Easily order online from De Bikker and enjoy a delicious serving of fries. 

Renting a Cottage in Franeker

Would you like to rent a vacation cottage in Franeker and enjoy everything Friesland has to offer? You can! At Welcome.in, we have an extensive selection of vacation cottages that perfectly match your expectations. Whether you're looking for a cottage in the heart of the city or seeking more tranquility.

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