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Welcome to... Joure! A cozy village in the municipality of De Friese Meren, Friesland, with an urban character. The residents are affectionately called "Jousters," and colloquially known as "Jouster Keallepoaten." This village is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Friesland. There is so much to discover and experience here, making it a beloved destination among tourists. Curious about what you can do during your visit to Joure? Read on, as we'd love to share all the details with you!

History: Joure through the Years

Joure, originally a hamlet of Westermeer, flourished in the 17th century into a prosperous trade and industrial village. The cobbled streets bore witness to various craftsmen and bustling shipyards. Historical traces remain visible in the striking tower that was erected in 1628, and the growth of churches and buildings that adorned the village. The place has retained its historical and artisanal character.

The Connection with Douwe Egberts

The village is, of course, also known for its connection with Douwe Egberts. In 1753, the original shop opened its doors. Here, colonial goods such as chocolate and dried fruits were sold. The shop quickly expanded to include coffee, tea, and pastries. The factory still exists and is open for visits! Admission is free, and you can walk from the shop to the museum's ticket counter where you can purchase your ticket. A journey through time and tradition awaits you. 

What to do in Joure?

Apart from its rich history, you may wonder, "What is there to do in Joure?".

Frisian Balloon Festivals

Joure is known for its annual Frisian Balloon Festivals. During the last weekend of July, the Nutsbaan and the sky above it transform into a colorful spectacle. Approximately 30 to 50 hot air balloons ascend, offering an enchanting view of Joure and the surrounding Frisian lakes. Wrap up your evenings at the music square, where various artists perform. And don't forget the younger visitors - the cozy family fair offers fun for all ages!

Soar above Friesland: Your Own Balloon Flight

If you're in Joure at a different time and can't participate in local events, why not book your own balloon flight? Float above one of the most picturesque provinces of the Netherlands and experience the serene beauty of Friesland from the air.

Water Fun at Swimfun

Looking for family fun? Visit Subtropical pool Swimfun in Joure and enjoy a fantastic day full of water fun. Swim in the indoor pool with exciting and relaxing attractions. Whether you want to swim, calmly do laps, or simply play around, Swimfun has it all! 

Market Pleasures in the Center

For those who prefer a more leisurely pace, the center of Joure offers a charming market. Every Wednesday, enthusiastic market vendors are ready with a diverse range of products, from artisanal regional products to delicious delicacies, regional treats, shoes, fabrics, flowers, and much more.

Delicious Dining in Joure

In addition to all the activities, you can also enjoy delicious dining in Joure. It offers a tasty journey through the culinary possibilities of this historic place. From cozy eateries to refined restaurants, there's something for everyone to savor a delightful meal.

The Boys from Joure

For example, consider dining at The Boys from Joure. This restaurant not only looks beautiful from the outside, but inside, you can enjoy delicious food in a welcoming environment. The chef and kitchen brigade go to great lengths to create new dishes and beautiful flavor combinations to continuously surprise all guests.

The Jouster Toer

 In the heart of Joure, you'll find the restaurant The Jouster Toer, where you can enjoy a culinary experience. Each dish is carefully composed, ensuring that every customer has their own unique experience.

Discover the Local Atmosphere

In addition to these culinary highlights, there are numerous cafes and restaurants where you can drop in for a tasty lunch, dinner, or drink during your visit. Speaking of drinks, for true Dutch fans, there's even a special beer called "De Toren van Joure," named after the legendary Andries Noppert!

Rent a Holiday Cottage

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