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Welcome to... Terschelling! One of the islands in the Dutch Wadden Sea and the ultimate destination for an unforgettable holiday. With its breathtaking nature, vibrant harbor, and various attractions, Terschelling is a must-visit for nature lovers, adventurers, and those who enjoy life. Are you considering a getaway to this island? Read on; we'll tell you everything about what this beautiful place has to offer.

What to do on Terschelling?

Discover what to do on Terschelling! The island offers a plethora of activities for all ages. Before your adventure on the island begins, board a ferry that will take you to the island. Here, you can already enjoy a crossing with a magnificent view. Prepare for the exciting experiences that await you once you reach the harbor of Terschelling.
Put on your hiking shoes and explore the vast dunes and forests. For the adventurers among us, there is the opportunity to cycle, horseback ride, or even spot seals. To get a close look at the seals, take a special RIB boat trip to the seal bank. Here, you can see them playing, lying, or sunbathing on the sandbank. An unforgettable experience for young and old. Even water sports enthusiasts can have a great time here. On the beach, you can even go sailing, kitesurfing, and much more!

The Prairie

For children, there is "Pony Fun on The Prairie" during school holidays on Terschelling. Here, the young company can pet ponies, go on walks, and even take pony morning rides with a gallop. Adults can go on adventurous rides on Icelandic horses throughout the year, surrounded by beautiful nature. This is also possible with experienced guides. They will tell you everything about the surroundings and the Icelandic horses.

The Beach

The beaches of Terschelling are among the most beautiful in the Netherlands. Relax on the soft sand, take a refreshing dip in the North Sea, or go for a romantic walk at sunset. The beach is perfect for families and offers numerous opportunities for water sports and relaxation.
If you're on Terschelling's beach, pay a visit to the iconic restaurant De Branding. Here, you can enjoy a delicious meal after a day full of adventure with a view of the sea.

Shopping on Terschelling

In addition to all the activities, you can also shop well on Terschelling. Visit the local shops or boutiques and buy unique souvenirs and local treats. Don't forget to take a bottle of authentic Terschellinger cranberry products home as a reminder of your trip.
Prefer to pick your own? You can! From September to November is the harvest season. But beware, you can't just pick anywhere. Once the Terschellingers with a picking pass conclude the official harvest, they release some fields for private picking. Only then are you allowed to squat and pick what is left.

Good food

In addition to all the activities, it's also important to eat well on Terschelling. Join De Heeren and discover beautiful dishes with worldly influences and fresh perspectives on the changing menu. Or come to eat at the coziest family restaurant: restaurant de Heksenketel. Here, you'll find a versatile selection of meat, fish, and vegetarian dishes. Moreover, it has a cozy atmosphere and a wide choice of drinks.
Prefer something simple? Go for delicious snacks and complete meals at cafetaria De Clipper. Here, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the terrace and a budget-friendly dinner. A tasty shawarma sandwich or just a portion of fries. Takeout is also possible!

Renting a Holiday Home

To make the most of your stay on Terschelling, renting a holiday home from Welcome.in is the perfect choice. Enjoy comfortable accommodations on this beautiful island and experience the hospitality of Terschelling in peace. Would you like to rent a holiday home? Check out our extensive range here!