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Welcome to... Vlieland! One of the Netherlands' beautiful islands located in the heart of the Wadden Sea. The island welcomes you with open arms for an unforgettable holiday experience. Surrounded by the Wadden Sea and the North Sea, Vlieland has it all, whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, stunning nature, or cozy restaurants. Curious about what else you can do here? We'll tell you all about the activities and why staying in one of our holiday homes is the perfect choice for your island adventure.

What to do on Vlieland?

The island isn't on the route for most of us, so you won't accidentally drive by. That's why it makes sense to wonder what to do in Vlieland. For nature enthusiasts, a visit to the sandbank "De Richel" is an absolute must. It's home to seals and countless bird species. Book a boat trip to explore these pristine natural areas and admire the beauty of the Wadden Sea. Whether you choose a seal safari, a trip to the lighthouse, or a romantic sunset cruise, Vlieland offers a unique view of the coastline and the surrounding water.

Bike rental on Vlieland

Vlieland is a true cycling island. Seize this opportunity and rent a bike to explore the island at your own pace. Discover the paths, different villages, and beautiful views. Don't forget to enjoy the fresh sea air during your ride.

Beach pavilion Vlieland

The beach pavilion on the east coast of Vlieland is the ideal place to relax with a drink. Enjoy the sun, sand, and fresh sea air while unwinding at this beautiful location.

Weather forecast

Before booking your trip to Vlieland, it's advisable to keep an eye on the weather forecast. The weather can vary, just as we're accustomed to on the mainland. In summer, you can usually expect pleasant temperatures and plenty of sun. Make sure you're well-prepared to fully enjoy your stay. Want real-time certainty about the current weather? You can! Vlieland has a live webcam that allows you to check the weather conditions at any time of the day.

Delicious food on Vlieland

During your stay on Vlieland, besides all the activities, you'll naturally want to enjoy delicious food. Explore various restaurants and savor delightful local dishes. From fresh fish dishes to gourmet delights, the island has something for everyone. Join De Richel, not the sandbank but a cozy restaurant where you can enjoy hearty meals and delicious schnitzels. Prefer something more upscale? Step into Zuiver Vlieland and indulge in a varied five-course dinner with a perfectly matched wine arrangement. On sunny days, you'll want to sit outside on the terrace, and this is possible at De Herbergh van Flielant. Here, you can enjoy a delightful dinner or have lunch on beautiful days.

Rent a holiday home

Want to make the most of your stay on Vlieland? Choose a holiday home from Welcome.in. Our accommodations offer all the comfort and privacy you need for a relaxed overnight stay. With various options, there's a suitable cottage for everyone. Rent your holiday home now at Welcome.in!