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Welcome to... Leeuwarden! This capital of the province of Friesland is also known as the city of a hundred names: how about Liwwadden and Ljouwert?! The city has a rich history and was founded in the 8th century. With a center that is a well-kept secret of the Netherlands, a flourishing art scene, numerous museums and galleries, and a tower that leans more than the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Ready to explore the city? Get inspired here!

Historic City Center

The cozy historic city center of Leeuwarden breathes history. The rich past is reflected in the many beautiful historical buildings. In the city center, you'll even find two palaces: the Stadhouderlijk Hof and the Princessehof, now a museum for ceramic artworks.
When you are in the city, there are a few things you really must see! The icon, the Oldehove, is one of them. If you thought you could only admire a leaning tower in Italy, you're mistaken! In Leeuwarden, you can just as easily pose for the usual look-at-me-leaning-nonchalantly photo at this failed construction project. At the back, this church tower leans so much that it's a wonder it's still standing. The tower has now become the symbol of the city, an observation point over the old center, and a magnet for many tourists.
On the edge of the city center, you'll find another remarkable building, the Blokhuispoort. Nowadays, it's a trendy place for creative companies, but until 2007, it housed the heavyweights. Interesting to see and also good for a snack or drink at the Bajes Café and Proefverlof.


Are you a fan of street art? Then you will be amazed in Leeuwarden. You'll find a lot of it, such as large murals on facades and roofs, colorful faces on electrical cabinets, unique anamorphic 3D floor paintings, and even bridges and mirrors are not left undisturbed by artists. This makes the Frisian city a large art gallery where artists, street artists, miniature makers, and poets share their work with visitors who have an eye for it. Discover the street art works on your own or go on a guided tour with a free guide who will tell you all about it. The choice is yours!

Dining in Leeuwarden

If you love good food and drinks, you can fully enjoy yourself in Leeuwarden. From a relaxed breakfast at Lazy Lemon, a delicious brunch at the former fire station Grand Café Fire to a delightful Frisian dinner at Post-Plaza Grand Café. One thing is for sure, your stomach will always be satisfied!


That Leeuwarden is a beautiful city is now clear. But do you know what is also very beautiful? Shopping! Had enough of cultural experiences? In the city center, you'll find large fashion stores, trendy pop-up stores, cute boutiques, unique shopping streets, and hidden gems. The Frisian city is perfect for a cozy shopping afternoon.

Frisian Culture

You know what is truly typical of Leeuwarden? The Frisian culture. The city is deeply rooted in culture and traditions. The Frisian language is still prominently present, and events are regularly organized to celebrate the culture, such as the Elfstedentocht and the Sinterklaas celebration with the Frisian variant, Sinterklaas and Swarte Pyt. It is definitely worth a visit for anyone interested in Frisian culture and rich historical heritage.

Renting a Holiday Home

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