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Welcome to... the most charming town in the municipality of De Friese Meren: Lemmer! Not large, but there's plenty to experience here to spend some time. This village has a rich history, and one of the must-sees is even listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. What this is and what else you can experience here is detailed below.

What to do in Lemmer?

The surroundings of Lemmer consist mainly of water. So, it's an ideal place to stay if you don't mind boating or... water sports! Prefer to stay on land? Then explore the nature around the Groote Brekken, partly accessible via a special path. A peaceful and delightful place to enjoy the breeze along the water. Nearby, you'll find Lake Tjeukemeer and, of course, the vast IJsselmeer.
The Lemmer harbor is a significant feature of this historical town in the province of Friesland. It plays a crucial role in the economy and tourism. In the past, the harbor was an important center for fishing and trade. Over the years, the harbor has been expanded and modernized to meet the needs of shipping and water sports enthusiasts. There are excellent facilities for visitors, including berths, jetties, electricity connections, and sanitary facilities. It's also possible to rent motorboats from Yachtcharter de Brekken. So, plenty of choices!
There are also several marinas and yacht clubs nearby. The area around the harbor is vibrant and picturesque, with cozy cafes and restaurants where you can enjoy local dishes.

Dining out

By the IJsselmeer, summer can be enjoyable! Head to Lemmer Beach, or Lemsterstrand, for a day of unabashed relaxation by the water. With a Beachclub on-site! Want to dine out in Lemmer? At eetcafé De Eerste Aanleg, you can sit in a nice spot by the water. A little further into the center, you can also sit by the water at eateries like Restaurant Centrum and Bistro ld Lemmer. For a tasty adventure, check out the Baai van Lemmer, where you can enjoy the perfection of various flavors combined with a classic modern touch.

Historical Lemmer

In the ancient village, you'll find many historical corners and streets: definitely worth taking a walk to get to know the history of Lemmer better. For example, go to the Schans, a sea dike and defense work. The particularly historical houses and facades in the area make this part a true picture.
If you're out and about, don't miss the Lemstersluis. This lock from 1888 was a sea lock until the construction of the Afsluitdijk. But what is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List? That is the remarkable Ir D.F. Woudagemaal, the largest still-functioning steam pumping station in the world. A delightful experience for both young and old!

Renting a Vacation Home

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