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Neeltje Jans

Neeltje Jans

Welcome to Neeltje Jans! This island in Vrouwenpolder was originally a work island, but since the completion of the Delta Works, it's primarily known as a theme park and information center. Perhaps the most famous one in all of Zeeland! Additionally, you'll find a unique natural area on the island.

Why Neeltje Jans? The name comes from a boat that ran aground on the sandbank. It's an old folk name for the protector goddess of sailors and traders, Nehalennia.


Delta Park Neeltje Jans

After the 1953 North Sea flood, a plan was devised to create the Delta Works. An integral part of these works is the Oosterschelde Barrier, located at Neeltje Jans. After the Delta Works were completed, an information center was built on the island. An interesting outing for young and old alike! Here, you'll learn all about the North Sea flood and how the Netherlands has been combating water since then.

Whether you're looking for an educational outing or simply a day of family fun, Delta Park Neeltje Jans is the place to be! The park tells the story of the battle against water and lets you experience what it's like to hold back a flood.

But there's more! In the park, you can also watch shows with sea lions and seals, or take a boat tour to spot seals in the wild. You can even get a guided tour of the Delta Works themselves!


Water Activities

You can also be active and enjoy all the entertainment. Play with water at the water playground or experience a simulated hurricane storm! Need a break? There's a restaurant as well as a pancake house where you can catch your breath and have a bite to eat.


Nature at Neeltje Jans

Most people associate Neeltje Jans with the theme park, but there's also the Neeltje Jans Nature Park on the island. This dune landscape is unique to explore on foot due to its location. You'll find special birds and many rabbits there. The wind is almost always present, giving the nature its distinct character. An ideal spot for a hike for the true adventurer.


Taste Zeeland

Neeltje Jans Fish Farm is a mussel farming company from Zeeland. They cultivate top-quality hanging and bottom-cultured mussels. Taste Zeeland promotes and showcases Zeeland's culinary culture and local products. They organize events and collaborate with restaurants to let people enjoy the delicious flavors of Zeeland. The initiative encourages sustainable food practices and supports local producers. You can even order their products and have them delivered through their webshop!


Renting a Vacation Cottage

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