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Welcome to Ramsbeck! A small village in Germany steeped in history within a beautiful natural setting. It is primarily known for its mining history and the mining activities that took place there. Of course, there is much more to discover in this area! Would you like to know what? We would be happy to tell you more.


History of Ramsbeck

Despite being a small village, Ramsbeck has a rich history! There is the former mine called "Schieferbergwerk," which was once a significant source of slate and zinc. The mine was closed in 1974 and has since been transformed into a tourist attraction and museum. Now you have the opportunity to descend into the old mine and experience the life and work of the former miners. You will learn more about the history of mining in the region. In addition, the museum features various exhibitions that highlight the geology, mineralogy, and industrial history of the area.


What to do in Ramsbeck?

In addition to the mining museum, there are other cultural and historical attractions in the nearby villages and towns. If you're looking for a great place to enjoy nature, you should definitely visit Bestwig. It's a paradise for cyclists and hikers. There are plenty of hiking and cycling routes to explore, offering breathtaking views of the mountains.

The Bruchhauser Steine is a well-known rock formation and is considered a true hiking highlight. These four large rocks on the slope of the 728-meter-high Istenberg offer an incredible view that you shouldn't miss. Because the area is surrounded by beautiful forests, mountains, and lakes, it's perfect for adventurers and those seeking relaxation.



Are you traveling with children? Take a day trip to the Wild West-themed amusement park, Fort Fun, also located in Bestwig. From roller coasters to water attractions and shows, there's plenty to do. The most famous attraction is the "Trapper Slider," a toboggan ride that takes you on a wild journey through the mountains and into a mine.


Dining in Ramsbeck

Have you had your fill of history and culture? Then it's definitely time to enjoy a meal. There are various restaurants both within and outside the village where you can dine out. Visit Landgasthof Rüppel for regional, creative, and delicious cuisine. They cook with fresh ingredients from the region, depending on the season. So if you visit this area several times a year, you can enjoy new dishes each time. A little further from Ramsbeck, you'll find Gasthof zur Post, where you can savor German and (Central) European dishes. A true steak enthusiast? Try Kathleen's Taste of Steak.


Renting a Vacation Home

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