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Step-by-step plan

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Welcome to Welcome in!

A holiday home should be enjoyed, even when you are the owner. It only becomes truly worry- free when you let us do the work. We give your holiday home the attention it deserves, ensuring optimal rental opportunities and arranging everything behind the scenes. You can relax with all the work taken out of your hands while your guests feel welcome. No matter what, Welcome in always keeps things personal, clear and transparent. That is our promise to you.

Good to know
We understand that you may have questions about renting out your holiday home. We have created a list of frequently asked questions based on our many years of experience, so you can go through all the important information when starting our collaboration.



Step 1 | Information
Welcome in promises quality

At Welcome in, we aim for high-quality, worry-free vacations. We are happy to take work off your hands as an owner, but we also want to offer guests a worry-free vacation. As such, we select all our vacation homes with care. To ensure our quality, every home must meet a certain standard.


A holiday home with potential!
Every holiday home is different, with unique advantages and challenges. If you would like to rent out your holiday home, you agree with our working method and your home meets our criteria, we are happy to come and view your holiday home and discuss your options.

Preparing your holiday home for rental
If you use our Fullservice package, we will prepare your holiday home for rent. Our dedicated rental consultants know from years of experience how to get the maximum return from your property. They will go over the possibilities of your property with you and are happy to advise you on the layout and facilities of your home. Renting also requires detailed, quality photography. Welcome in works with a knowledgeable in-house photographer who will portray your home attractively from the right angle. Enthusiastic advertising copy is equally important to capture the attention of potential guests. Our copywriter writes compelling copy to highlight all the unique selling points of your property in Dutch, English and German. Your holiday home will truly be... a holiday to remember!


Step 2 | Questions and agreement
Our rental packages

There are several options to rent out through Welcome in. Whether you prefer to outsource all the work or would rather stay involved with the rental: at Welcome in, we work with you to determine which package suits your needs, and you will always benefit from an attractive return.


Rental Service-package

We handle the entire rental process before, during and after a booking, and you organise everything in and around your holiday home. From the moment your visitor puts the key in the lock, you are responsible for the rental. Don't forget, in addition to being lucrative, renting out accommodation is also an incredibly fun and wonderful experience. The contact with the guests and the great reactions make it worth it. We also completely understand if you are careful with your furnishings and would like to manage the maintenance yourself. With our Rental Service-package, we take care of the rental of the property. You can sign in day and night to track your property's online performance through a convenient mobile dashboard. No matter where your holiday home is located, our rental service is available worldwide!

Interested in rental service?

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Rent out your property from the comfort of your armchair! With the Fullservice-package, we take over the entire process of renting out and managing your plot and holiday home. For example, our Welcome in Clean & Care Team keeps your vacation home spotless, we have knowledgeable housekeepers, and we conduct regular inspections to keep your holiday home in optimal condition. We also take care of any damage to the property. We understand that your holiday home is dear to you, so we manage your recreational property with the utmost care. If you are curious about how things are going, you can sign in to track your home's performance through a convenient mobile dashboard at any time.

Interested in Full-service?

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In addition to general information, you may want to know more about our contracts. As we said earlier, at Welcome in, we like to keep things transparent. You can review our contracts in advance to avoid any surprises and fully understand what you are agreeing to. We have several contracts to match our rental packages.

Do you recommend us to other owners? Then we will reward you with a nice referral fee!



Step 3 | Sign up
Any questions? Let us help you!

Would you like to rent your vacation home through Welcome in or do you need some more information first? Please contact us, we are happy to help!



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