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Welcome to Yerseke! Small, but delightful. This fishing village is still a tourist attraction for good reason. The town is known as the mussel and oyster village of Zeeland.



What to Do in Yerseke?

There's plenty to experience in Yerseke, such as the Oosterscheldemuseum. The business of mussels and oysters has a rich history that's fully illuminated in this museum. It's located in the former town hall. In addition to the mussel and oyster culture, there's also a story of the "sunken villages." A total of 18 villages and the city of Reimerswaal disappeared underwater when this region was ravaged by heavy storms and floods in the Middle Ages. You can take a guided tour with a tasting at the oyster beds or order a serving of mussels at one of the mussel restaurants for the ultimate fresh experience!

Are you a true nature enthusiast? Even then, Yerseke is the right place for you! In the outskirts lies the Yerseke Moer, a nature area where various bird species reside. This area is considered one of the most valuable natural and cultural landscapes in Zeeland. There are several walking and cycling routes you can explore.


Mussels and Oysters

Say mussels, and you say Yerseke. After all, in this village, mussels from the Wadden Sea and Oosterschelde end up at the Mussel Auction. A very special place you can visit by appointment! In addition to mussels, you can also find oysters here, cultivated in various locations. Particularly interesting is the Mossel & Oesterboulevard, which you shouldn't miss in the summer to learn more about mussels and oysters and, of course, to taste them!



Dining in Yerseke

Of course, there are various restaurants in Yerseke where you can enjoy more than just mussels and oysters. Visit Bistro 't Kaaigat for a blend of French and Dutch cuisine. At Restaurant De Schelde, you can also indulge in various fish dishes like cod and salmon, or other seasonal dishes.



Renting a Vacation Cottage

Considering spending a night (or two) in Yerseke? At Welcome.in, you can rent a vacation cottage to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Zeeland. Whether you're looking for a cottage by the water or closer to the center, you're in the right place at