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Welcome in… St. Annaland! The village is situated in the municipality of Tholen and is known for its stunning nature and historical sights. Good things come in small packages: this small village is definitely worth a visit!

Nature in and around Sint-Annaland

Enjoy the stunning nature in and around St. Annaland. One of the most popular attractions is the Nationaal Landschap Oosterschelde (Oosterschelde National Landscape). This lovely area consists of a unique ecosystem of mudflats, salt marshes and tidal flats. It is an amazing spot for hiking, biking, bird watching and even seal spotting. If you are up for some active entertainment, there are also many recreational opportunities nearby, such as sailing, windsurfing and kite surfing.

Culture and history

St. Annaland is home to historic mills. There are several in the village, including the St. Annaland mill. This one's an old timer: it dates back to the 18th century. The mills welcome visitors and offer unique views of the surrounding area. If you love culture and history, there's the Streekmuseum (Regional Museum). This museum offers an excellent overview of
the rich history of the village and the region, with a witty glimpse into the culture and daily life of the inhabitants.

Things to do in St-Annaland?

When you visit this tiny village, you may be wondering what the most popular attractions to visit in St. Annaland are. We have listed them for you. One thing is for certain: you will definitely not get bored here! If you have always wanted to know how people used to live and where they worked in the olden days, be sure to visit the regional museum De Meestoof. It is located in the former town hall of St. Annaland. The museum offers plenty of outdoor activities. So, what are the best outdoor activities in St. Annaland? You can rent a Solex from Solex Rental Tholen to explore the area in a sustainable way. They offer some great packages for a fun day out. Can you picture yourself zooming around, honking on your old-fashioned Solex? If you are looking for a more relaxing day out, grab your beach bag and enjoy the sun with a lovely breeze on the beach of St. Annaland. There are also diving and snorkelling opportunities. This is one of the beaches where it is best to bring your own food and drinks. Otherwise, not to worry: you will come across several restaurants if you walk towards the village.


St. Annaland is a wonderful place for families with children. The area boasts many play and recreation parks, such as play park 't Hof van Tholen and recreation park De Kloet. In addition, there are plenty of activities specifically for children, such as pony riding and archery.


The centre of St. Annaland has many restaurants where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner. Why not visit the new, yet ancient, attraction in the heart of St. Annaland: Heerlijckheid Havenzicht. The perfect place to eat, drink, sleep and meet. There is a wide range of possibilities: from an excellent cup of coffee, to a tasty dinner with delicious produce.
If you love seafood, you must visit Buutengaets! The restaurant and clubhouse of WSV Sint-Annaland, the local tidal harbour, is located in the marina on the island of Tholen. Needless to say, the menu also features surprising meat dishes. Complement your meal with a delicious drink from the extensive wine menu. If you prefer something simpler, you are
always welcome at Brasserie De Deu-Braek to enjoy the sun on the terrace with a delicious lunch and a drink.

Holiday home rentals

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