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If you are looking for a holiday destination that is beautiful and fun, with the perfect combination of beach, shopping and great food, the beautiful seaside resort of Domburg in Walcheren, Zeeland is definitely worth a visit.

Where is Domburg?

Domburg is situated on the former peninsula of Walcheren, bordering directly on the gorgeous nature reserve of De Manteling. A perfect spot with plenty of unspoilt nature to trek through by bike or on foot. The trees in De Manteling are quite striking: the punishing sea wind has bent them into often unusual shapes. The forest made living in Walcheren much more pleasant: the trees served as a windbreak of sorts for the island.

And... breathe in! 

Domburg is one of those places where you can really unwind. In fact, the town is famous for it: as early as Roman times there were bathhouses in Domburg. What's more, Domburg also has a wonderful fresh sea air: so, a visit to Domburg is not only fun, it is also very healthy with all that sea, beach and nature. Stop by Spa Domburg to unwind in the sauna, swimming pool and relaxation room, or book a massage for the ultimate relaxing moment.

Culture in Domburg

If you are curious about Domburg's history, we get it! Domburg has many interesting stories from past centuries to tell. The town has always attracted many artists. Famous names include Piet Mondrian and Jan Toorop, who adored the surroundings and the unique Zeeland landscape. We would certainly recommend the Mondrian Route for art lovers. The route takes you along the coast of Domburg and through the centre – past the important places in Piet Mondrian's life. Domburg has plenty of art to offer, in addition to Mondrian's. In other words: you simply must see this town if you are at all culturally inclined.

Convivial and sophisticated

There is a reason why Domburg has been popular with tourists for many years: it is a wonderful place to spend a holiday. With its excellent mix of culture, nature and history, Domburg has
something for everyone and there is always something going on. Add the friendly people, cosy terraces and beautiful historic architecture, and voilà: the perfect mix for a holiday.

Restaurants in Domburg

Domburg's many restaurants offer a nice variety of cuisines. Enjoy Italian dishes at the beautiful Ristorante Verdi, where you can while away the hours and people watch as you dine al fresco. The atmosphere inside this restaurant is also lovely, and guests can see through to the open kitchen how the chef prepares delicious pizzas. And if you are a fish lover, the fish bar is perfect! From oysters to poké bowls, sushi, shrimp in various sizes and preparations, crab, lobster and seafood soup: every seafood lover will find their perfect dish here. Of course, you may find yourself spoilt for choice, in which case shared dining is an excellent solution: order a variety of dishes to share with your fellow diners, so you can enjoy even more different flavours!

Holiday home in Domburg

With everything Domburg has to offer, it is a prime location for short and long holidays alike. Welcome.in has a wide selection of holiday homes in Domburg. Whether you want to stay in the
centre, close to the beach or surrounded by nature, there is something for everyone. Enjoy everything Domburg has to offer in one of Welcome.in's holiday homes. Click here to discover our offer of holiday homes in Domburg!