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Welcome to beautiful Vlissingen, one of the better-known places on Walcheren. A real fishing town! You can spend hours here wandering along the beaches and strolling around the beautiful esplanade or harbour. But Vlissingen has much more to offer and is rightly recommended as a place to visit during your holiday.

History of Vlissingen

Vlissingen was first mentioned in the history books at the start of the thirteenth century. Fortunately, much of that long history can still be seen today in this beautiful city! Vlissingen is a lovely place to spend a day wandering around and enjoying all the beautiful history it has to offer. Sights worth visiting include the Willem III-kazerne (Barracks), the Beursgebouw (Stock Exchange Building), the Beeldenhuis (Sculpture House) and the Sint Jacobskerk (St. James Church). The Belgian pilot houses are another must-see for anyone who loves historic architecture. These white houses on Spuistraat feature characteristic high corners and bay windows. They are also stunningly decorated! Vlissingen's cityscape enjoys protected status and there is plenty of art to feast your eyes on in its public spaces.

Museums in Vlissingen

If you want to find out more about Vlissingen, Walcheren and Zeeland, Vlissingen is home to the Zeeuws Maritiem MuZEEum. Here, you can find out more about all of Zeeland's extensive maritime history. Zeeland has centuries of experience in battling the sea. This museum will show you all there is to know on this topic, and how the Zeeland people handled it all. The museum is great fun for kids too! If you want to learn more about Zeeland's war history, we recommend the Bunkermuseum on Oranjedijk.

Vlissingen Boulevard

Vlissingen harbour, Vlissingen beach and the Vlissingen Walking Routes are all brilliant places that are well worth a visit. Enjoy the stunning views along the entire beach as you stroll on the esplanade. If you walk a little further, you will eventually arrive in the beautiful harbour. Whether it is the middle of summer or the heart of winter, the esplanade always offers gorgeous views. You will also find several terraces, cafes and eateries on Vlissingen's esplanade. Incidentally, this is the longest esplanade in the Netherlands!

Restaurants in Vlissingen

Needless to say, Vlissingen has much to offer when it comes to dining out. Thanks to its seaside location, you can often enjoy all the goodness the sea has to offer. Pier 7, for example, is a sand pavilion on the beach where you can enjoy the perfect combination of food and beach. Take in stunning views of the sea and gaze into the distance for hours while enjoying delicious food and a drink. On Oude Markt, right in the centre, you will find St. Jacobscafé. Other recommendations include De Dighter, Lungo Mare and De Gevangentoren.  If you are looking for a nightcap, downtown Vlissingen has many bars and pubs!

Holiday home in Vlissingen

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