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Surrounded by beach and sea, Westkapelle is located at the westernmost tip of Zeeland on the former peninsula of Walcheren. The two lighthouses and, of course, the Westkappelse Zeedijk, are typical features of this lovely town. There is plenty to do throughout the year as well. In short: Westkapelle is well worth a visit!

History and culture

Westkapelle has been protected by its seawall for many centuries. During World War II, this seawall was used for the Germans' famous 'Atlantic Wall', which featured many bunkers, minefields, tank traps and coastal batteries. You can learn more about this, and Westkapelle's battle with the North Sea, at the Polderhuis Dijk- en Oorlogsmuseum (Polder House Dike and War Museum). This museum also has changing art exhibitions. If you want to admire the bunkers in real life, a walk along the dunes will guide you past an old tank along the way that was in service in World War II during the Allied landings in 1944. Halfway through the walk, you will also come past the bunkers that were part of the infamous Atlantic Wall.

Westkapelle lighthouse

Westkapelle features two lighthouses, both of which are open to visitors. Climb all the steps and be rewarded with gorgeous views of the North Sea, the beach and Walcheren. There are two options for a lighthouse visit: Lighthouse 't Hoge Licht (The High Light) or Lighthouse 't Lage Licht (The Low Light). In clear weather, you can see the coastline of Zeeland Flanders and the wind farm on the North Sea. Enjoy these and many other activities!

Autostrand Westkapelle (car beach)

The Netherlands boasts many beautiful beaches. Thinking of the beach, sun, sea and sand often come to mind. Parking directly on the beach is not an option on most beaches, however: you usually need to factor in a walk to get to the sea. This is not the case at Autostrand Westkapelle, where you can simply park any vehicle right on the beach. The beach is several kilometres long and some sections are actually more than 100 metres wide.

Active in Westkapelle 

The strategic location of this town makes it an exciting place for kite and wave surfers! Since the waves here are higher than anywhere else in Zeeland, this surf spot does require a certain level of experience. And don't worry if you are a beginner: there are plenty of beaches in Zeeland for you to go. But we do recommend watching the surfers in Westkapelle in particular. This is great fun because due to the huge waves, you will probably see quite a few stunts being pulled off!

Part of the Zeeland Riviera

Just like Zoutelande and Dishoek, Westkapelle is part of 'The Zeeland Riviera'. They owe this lovely nickname to the south-facing location of the beaches, which is quite unusual in the Netherlands. This town is a very pleasant resort to spend a day at the beach.

Delicious food in Westkapelle

If you don't feel like slaving away over a hot stove, Westkapelle has plenty of places where you can enjoy delicious food. At Dijkpaviljoen De Westkaap, for example, you can dine with sweeping views of the raging sea. Or try Bombaai Beach Bar, a colourful and atmospheric restaurant. Indulge your senses with unusual street food dishes, local specialities and worldly cocktails. For the most delicious seafood, Brasserie de Zeezot is the place to be. Whether you go there for lunch, dinner or drinks, you will always savour delicious dishes, made from daily fresh local and seasonal produce. If you are after a quick bite to eat, visit Melis Seafood. For Thai or Italian cuisine, Westkapelle also delivers.

Holiday home in Westkapelle

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