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Welcome to ... the fortified town of Sluis! This gem in the municipality of Oostburg is a well-known town close to the Belgian border, and it shows. Enjoy the hearty atmosphere and the characteristic historic buildings where you can rent a lovely holiday home. If you are on holiday in the area, this
Zeeland Flanders town is well worth a visit.

Shopping in Sluis

Whether you are after a brand-new wardrobe or simply love strolling through historic towns and popping in and out of cute little boutiques, in Sluis, you've come to the right place for some great shopping. This stylish town has plenty of shops where you can upgrade your wardrobe. The shopping streets of Sluis are always fun and busy and there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a short coffee or lunch break. Good to know: the shops are open seven days a week!

Nature in Sluis

If you prefer to submerge yourself in nature, Sluis is also a wonderful place to visit. It probably goes without saying, but the beach is never far away. Enjoy the elegant seaside resort of Cadzand, the perfect place to get a breath of fresh air or enjoy the wonderful summer sun. There are plenty of cafés and restaurants on the beach. If you are looking for a nature reserve, the Verdronken Zwarte Polder is a must-see for hikers. When this area flooded in 1802, all the farmlands were submerged under water. The Groese Polders are another beautiful nature area in Zeeland Flanders. If you want to see Sluis from a different perspective, why not rent a pedal boat to explore the town from a different viewpoint? Bird lovers simply must visit Natuurpark Het Zwin, near Sluis on the Dutch- Belgian border. You can spot unusual birds here including storks, spoonbills and various mallards.


Sluis is home to a lot of history. If you are interested in its history, or even if you are a bit of a history buff, this town in Zeeland Flanders is definitely an interesting place to see. Its historic city walls and city gates are well worth a visit. Sluis was originally a fortified town. The Gothic Belfort (Belfry), and
City Hall, stands out as the most striking building. Dating back to 1390, it is a typical Flemish structure, which is unusual because we do not otherwise tend to see them on Dutch territory. The magnificent council chamber walls feature many coats of arms, decorations, objects and paintings. The Belfort's chimes can be heard every fifteen minutes. They are operated by bell ringer Jantje van Sluis, a colourful little wooden man.

Dining out in Sluis

This gourmet town offers are plenty of options for dining out. On the Groote Markt, for example, you will find Restaurant Ecluse and Hart van Sluis. For delicious seafood, Restaurant de Vijverhoeve, BARSA or Gasthof D'Ouwe Schuure are excellent choices. Restaurant la Trinité and Eeterij Kaai 10 - both on the Kaai, also offer excellent food. In short, there are plenty of restaurants in Sluis where you can grab a bite to eat in between all the activities.

Holiday home rentals 

With Welcome.in you can rent a holiday home in Sluis, so you can enjoy the hearty atmosphere and characteristic buildings of this fortified town in Zeeland Flanders. Whether you are after a cottage on the coast or prefer being closer to the city, Welcome.in is your go-to place. With our broad selection, you can search for a holiday home in Sluis that exactly meets your expectations. Click here to discover our offer of holiday homes here.