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Welcome in... Breskens, also affectionately known as Bresjes by the Zeeland locals, has just under 4,700 residents who call themselves 'Bressiaanders'. This sweet little town in the municipality of Sluis is conveniently located near the sea. Experience the typical Zeeland life in this seaside resort. The fishing industry is still thriving here!

Fresh fish, straight from the sea 

Breskens boasts a fishing harbour, as well as a sizeable fishing port. Large ocean-going vessels sail to and fro across the Western Scheldt, supplying Breskens with incredibly fresh fish every week. You need to taste it to believe it! On the Kaai (kaoje in the local dialect) near the fishing port, you will find several excellent seafood restaurants, such as De Kluiver, where you can enjoy a delicious high-quality lunch or dinner. Weather permitting, you can sample the extensive wine list or a delicious cold beer on the terrace. You can get acquainted with the fresh, smoked, poached or fried fish from one of the many fish vendors not only in the many restaurants, but also in the fishing port.

Things to do in Breskens

Breskens also offers many activities for a great time. Visit the Visserijmuseum Breskens, for example, and learn the fascinating story of the sea, about fishermen and their extraordinary catches of fossils, shells and other marine treasures. There is also a sea aquarium that houses a variety of fish including sharks, seahorses, flatfish, crabs, shrimp, starfish and lobsters.

By Ferry

If the journey from Zeeland Flanders to Walcheren seems a little too far by car, take the Westerschelde Ferry and greet passing sailors and ships up close. Weather permitting, you can sit outside on the deck and enjoy the sun and a gentle breeze, or you can go inside to enjoy a cup of coffee or tea with a treat if you prefer. The ferry is a great way to experience the Western Scheldt and see Zeeland from a different angle.


Breskens also offers some wonderful sightseeing opportunities during your stay in the town. Visit the characteristic Breskens Lighthouse, in a stunning beach setting. Soak up the sun or go for a stroll and enjoy the sunset late into the evening. Feeling hungry? At Loods Tien, you can enjoy brunch, lunch or dinner in one of the most beautiful spots Zeeland Flanders has to offer. If you prefer a quick drink, plop yourself down on a beanbag and enjoy lounge music while sipping a drink.

Bird watching

Watch birds up close in the Waterdunen and admire the diversity that Zeeland nature has to offer. This nature reserve offers a combination of tidal nature, recreation, coastal defences and saline cultivation. Walking through the nature reserve, you will come across several bird-watching huts and viewing screens where you can admire the birds up close and personal, unnoticed.

Visserijfeesten (Fishery Festival)

There is always plenty going on in Breskens, but if you should be lucky enough to find yourself there in the first week of August, you can catch the famous Visserijfeesten (Fishery Festival). For three days, the village is transformed into a treasure trove of festivities, performances and delicious food, all centred on fish and fishery. Often there is also a fun fair and a village fair.

Holiday home in Breskens 

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