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Welcome in… Nieuwvliet. Just like Cadzand, Nieuwvliet consists of two parts: Nieuwvliet-Dorp and Nieuwvliet-Bad. It is a small village situated on the west coast of Zeeland Flanders.
Small as it may be, it is still definitely worth a visit.

Things to do in Nieuwvliet-Dorp 

Traditionally, Nieuwvliet used to subsist on agriculture and cattle rearing. These days, tourism is the main source of income. The village has been around since, give or take, 1600 and is situated inland. Nieuwvliet has charming streets and characteristic houses. If you love exercise and activity, we have great news for you! There is a 2.5-kilometre walking trail, but that is not all! Nieuwvliet also has a dedicated equestrian trail for those who want to explore the area on horseback. There is plenty to do for little ones as well. Speelboerderij Pierewiet (a play farm) is definitely worth a visit. Children can play indoors and outdoors here.

Shopping in Nieuwvliet

You will find the historic centre in Nieuwvliet-Dorp, about two kilometres from the beach. Wander the charming streets and stumble upon the shopping centre where you can buy lovely fashion and souvenirs when you get tired of the beach.

Eating out in Nieuwvliet-Dorp

Grab a bite to eat at a fine restaurant like Piazza Italian Kitchen, where you will be treated to delicious pizza and pasta. For a friendly atmosphere, head to Grand Café Restaurant
Nieuwvliet. This establishment is situated about three kilometres from the coast of Zeeland Flanders at a bicycle route junction. You can enjoy the sunshine on the terrace, drink in hand. The restaurant Chez Pierre Bistro is located in the heart of the village. This eatery offers guests a sophisticated dining experience. The atmosphere in the restaurant is ever so convivial and relaxed; it is almost as if it was designed exactly for this purpose. In short, there are plenty of restaurants for eating out in Nieuwvliet-Dorp.

What to do in Nieuwvliet-Bad 

Needless to say, the beach at Nieuwvliet-Bad is well worth a visit: because the beaches there are wide, shallow waters are often a great source of entertainment for little ones. The beach also features 'don't get lost paths' with drawings by Dick Bruna, the Dutch creator of the Miffy series. These signs help little ones remember where they are and where their parents laid down their beach towels. You can often fine fossils of shells, shark and ray teeth on the beach. Did you know that according to meteorologists, Zeeland is the province with the highest number of sunshine hours in the Netherlands?

Dining out in Nieuwvliet-Bad 

On the beach at Nieuwvliet, you will come across a variety of beach pavilions, such as Restaurant De Vijf Weeghen or Restaurant de Zeeuwse Kust, for example. Here you can
enjoy all the goodness that the coast of Zeeland has to offer. Whether you come for pancakes, lunch or dinner: it's all possible.

Nature in Nieuwvliet 

If you are looking for a nice dose of nature in the Nieuwvliet area, we recommend the Verdronken Zwarte Polder. Stretched across 55 hectares, this nature reserve is home to a variety of plants and animals. For birdwatchers: bring your binoculars! The Verdronken Zwarte Polder, which got flooded many years ago, is an important resting place for many unusual songbirds. You will find a variety of landscape types here, including mudflats, dunes and salt marshes.

Holiday home rentals

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