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Thank you for choosing Welcome in: you have just taken the first step towards the carefree rental of your holiday home. We give your accommodation the attention it deserves and complement you where necessary. We promise a pleasant cooperation and will make your holiday home...a holiday house to remember.

Your house, your enjoyment
We understand that you may want to stay at your holiday home yourself at certain times. Regardless of which package you choose: your home is yours, and it always will be. You can let us know in advance when you will be there yourself, so your house will not be available in our booking system on these dates. At Welcome in, you are free to decide when you want to stay at your home: there is no limit to the number of days.

Clear and transparent
At Welcome in, we value transparency. Our contracts are an example of that; you can view them in advance to avoid surprises and know where you stand when working with us. If you have any questions, you can consult our frequently asked questions, and our dedicated team is ready to help you whenever needed.



Complete the registration form
You have chosen the Full Service package, we will send you the agreement by email. You can easily sign the contract digitally. In the meantime, fill in the registration form below. At Welcome in, we are open and honest to our landlords as well as our tenants. This form must be completed completely, honestly and carefully. When we have a clear picture of your property, we can market it quickly and in the best way, resulting in satisfied guests and optimal returns.

What happens next?
Once you have completed our registration form, we will contact you.

·  Fullservice-package: We schedule an initial cleaning and ensure your property is ready to rent. Our professional photographer will conduct a photo shoot, and your holiday home will be online within two weeks of receiving the photos.

Registration form

We like to create an enthusiastic text that gives a realistic picture and highlights the special features of the property. When we have a good picture of your property, we can market it quickly and in the best way, resulting in satisfied guests and optimal returns. Please feel free to use the comments box at the end of this form to provide additional information. 

Do you have any questions? Then we will be happy to help you! Read our frequently asked questions or mail us. 

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Holiday home
We maintain a minimum of 10 m2 per person
Special features
Think of all the positives, such as why you fell for the property, what you think guests will appreciate or what your property has that others do not.
Consider, for example, the neighborhood (is it child-friendly, near downtown, quiet, on the water, etc.) or special features in the nearby area (such as nature, shopping, attractions, etc.)
For example, what do you see when you look out the window or from the balcony or terrace?
This could be a certain style, a certain atmosphere in the home, special pieces of furniture, personal details, items in the home that tell a story, etc.
Describe what spaces there are on each residential floor.
Living room
Consider: What type of fireplace or stove is it? Where is it? What is needed to use it? What do the guests need to bring with them?
A bathroom contains at least a shower, toilet and sink
For each bathroom, describe the layout, for example: toilet, bathroom cabinet, shower in tub.
e.g., is the bathroom ensuite, is the bathroom not fully lockable, is there a rain shower?
For example: sofa bed, bunk bed with different sizes
Describe here for each bedroom the layout and any furniture. (For example: bedroom 1 furnished with box spring 180x200 cm (with single mattresses), two bedside tables and closet).
Outdoor space
If present, describe the number of m2 of the garden
For example, by a fence, fence or hedge
If present, describe the number of m2 of balcony's
What is the location of the garden, balcony or terrace (north, west, east, south)? Is there sun in the garden, terrace or balcony, if so, at what times?
If present, describe the number of m2 per patio.
If present, what can you tell about the garden? Think: paved, lawn with room to play, lots of plantings, etc.
For example: deck chairs, picnic bench, lounge set, garden set, parasol, awning
Extras outside
For example: games (which ones?), drawing utensils, outdoor toys, trampoline, etc.
Storage and parking
There must be at least 1 parking space. Please describe how many parking spaces belong to the property and where parking is allowed, for example, the number of the parking space.
Is it possible to park somewhere else if the associated parking spaces are occupied? For example, can there be parking on the street or neighborhood, or is there public parking nearby? Does paid parking apply?
Where is the bike storage? Can it be locked? How big is it? Is it covered? Can electric bikes be charged there?
Additional facilities
Technische gegevens
Which provider do you have an internet subscription with?
We need the encryption(security type) of the Wifi network to create a QR code for the guest.
Provider & what channel package (basic, additional packages?)
For example, Sonosbox soundbar, JBL bluetooth speaker
Where to find:
How must rubbish be separated? Where must guests throw the rubbish?
This is the first possible arrival day for tourist guests/renters.
For example: someone wants to rent out the vacation home for a longer continuous period of time due to renovations.
During a “private stay”, you, the owner, stay at the property. Arrival is after 16:00, and departure is before 09:30.
Bookings that have been accepted by you or another party as a reservation. Arrival is after 16:00, and departure is before 09:30.
External data
Name + phone number + email address
Name + phone number + email address
Name + phone number + email address
About you
Main contact
We use this e-mail address for our correspondence. For example, for sending rental bills, the newsletter, confirmation of your own stay, and so on. You can fill in a second e-mail address as your correspondence address under 'second contact'.
Second contact
We also send correspondence, such as rental bills, newsletter, confirmation of your own stay, etc., to this second e-mail address.
Bank details
Each bank has a unique code for international payments. That code is called the BIC (Business Identifier Code), also known as SWIFT address.
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