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Welcome in... Walcheren, also affectionately known as Walher among the Zeeland locals, is a peninsula and home to many lovely villages and towns that are well worth a visit when you are holidaying in the western part of the Dutch province of Zeeland. Walcheren is the most densely populated of all the (former) Zeeland peninsulas. This is hardly surprising, considering that the Zeeland capital of Middelburg is located on Walcheren. The land area is enclosed by the North Sea,
the Western Scheldt, and Veerse Meer (Lake Veere) in the reclaimed Sloe.

Pristine nature

If you are up for a nice walk or a lovely day enjoying the sun, Walcheren's beach is the place to be for you: these beaches are famous for being incredibly clean! This stretch of coast is among the most beautiful the Netherlands has to offer. The dunes are also perfect for walks and scenic bike rides. De Manteling of Walcheren, a nature reserve where nature is left to do its thing, is a real must-see for nature lovers. This area is home to Mondrian's tree that inspired his painting 'Evening, The Red Tree'. De Manteling used to protect the north from the fierce winds blowing in from the sea. Enjoy steep dunes, wet dune valleys and dry grass dunes.

Things to do on Walcheren

If the inhabited world is more your thing, Walcheren is home to many lovely little towns that are definitely worth a visit. Middelburg may well be the most famous of these, but Westkapelle, Domburg, Vlissingen, Veere and Zoutelande are also stunning places to visit. In several places in this area, you stand a good chance of stumbling upon the famous 'IJsfiets van Walcheren'; (the Ice Cream Bike of Walcheren). This food truck offers (organic) ice cream, sandwiches, coffee, milkshakes, iced coffee and grilled sandwiches. With its many harbours, interesting museums, stately cathedrals, churches and picturesque shopping streets, these Zeeland towns are a fine place to spend a day.


If the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of Zoutelande is Dutch band Bløf's smash hit, think again! Zoutelande is a seaside resort in Walcheren with a very unusual feature: it is one of very few Dutch seaside resorts that face south. This is how Zoutelande earned its name: the Zeeland Riviera. Popular beaches include Nollestrand in Vlissingen, Dishoek, Breezand in Vrouwenpolder, Berkenbosch in Oostkapelle, De Hoge Hilt in Zoutelande and Badstrand in Domburg.

Dining out on Walcheren

Needless to say, Walcheren offers many options for dining out. The island boasts many lovely villages to explore and enjoy lunch, dinner or drinks. Beachclub Lekker, situated in Vrouwenpolder, was voted the best beach pavilion in the Netherlands in 2020! Enjoy their delicious fish, meat and vegetarian dishes, or sit down in the lounge sets for a fantastic drinks session until the late evening hours! ZanziBar in Middelburg is another excellent example: a cosy restaurant with bar and lounge. They serve delicious dinners in the evening or drinks at the bar: the perfect spot to stop for a snack or a drink!

Holiday home rentals 

If you are considering a stay on Walcheren, you can rent a holiday home with Welcome.in to enjoy the beautiful nature on the peninsula. Whether you are after a cottage along the coast or prefer being closer to civilisation, you have come to the right place. With our broad selection, you will surely find something that exactly meets your expectations. Discover our selection of holiday homes on Walcheren here.